Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The Rise and the fall.

I had a pleasant e-mail today from Frances Taylor (nee Sibly). She mailed from a New Zealand address and told me that she lived in the Droveway from about 1951 to 1962, an the corner of the Rise. I wondered if this was the house? Frances had a lot of interesting memories of the village, and she told me she went to the old village school. I wonder if anyone around remembers her?

While I was looking at The Rise I noticed Franconia. previously the bungalow had been hidden to view by a jungle of bushes and trees. It was a little haven for birds and each autumn attracted migrants to the garden and presumably had a healthy population of breeding birds in there. It has obviously changed hands and it did look in need of tidying up, but I was a bit taken aback by the severity of the work done.

The continuous poor weather has made most of my hobbies a bit of a wash out. Few butterflies are active in the wind and rain. Apart form the common breeding birds, which must be having a bad time at the moment, we have had only a few unusual species this spring and it is the worst year for moths, with the exception of the Spurge Hawkmoth, since I've been here. One thing you can get are good skies if there is a break in the clouds as the sun sets!


A. said...

I'm fairly sure my parents' house was on the opposite corner of The Rise - Uplands. They were there later than the dates you mention though, 70s to 80s approx, and then they moved to Granville Road.

Tony Morris said...

Hi a, The house in the picture is called Lealands, I can't find an Uplands along there. On the other corner there's a new house named Iolaire, and next to that is Seadown. I suspect that Seadown was the corner property, as Frances said in her e-mail, but then part of their garden was used to develop the new house Iolaire.