Thursday, 26 July 2007

Garden Safari Extension - Copperfield

During the Garden Safari I didn't manage to get out and about to see the other gardens, but I did meet a few of the owners. Several gave invitations to visit some time and this afternoon I popped over to see Tim Burden at Copperfield in The Rise.

Copperfield over looks Bockhill Farm with views down the valley to the sea. A garden full of interest, with colourful flowers, some nicely scented herbs and good looking fruit and vegetables.

The Shirley Poppy, Papaver rhoeas, is a fast-growing cultivar of the common poppy, and it is available in several colours. They seem to do well here and are in full bloom at the moment.

This Verbena, which I think is a native of South America is a great garden plant for attracting butterflies and other insects.

More poppies with a supporting cast of other plants.

The Sunflowers are reaching skywards and the apples are beginning to fill out.

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