Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Nelson Park, Horses and my Imagination!

As you leave the village, travelling in a north-easterly direction, on Station Road, the Nelson Park "estate" in on your right.

After St Vincent Road comes Collingwood Road. This continues for almost a mile and joins with Norway Drove a footpath or bridle-way from Kingsdown Road. Looking across from this junction you can see the back of Hogs Bush. I've always thought that this was a great name for a house, although I don't know its derivation.

At the end of Nelson Park Road is the Braeside Equestrian Centre. This is one of several horse riding stables in the area. I liked the white blaze looking out of the stable door, I'm pleased that the protection on the door leaves him the space to watch the world go by.

In the next field these two were grazing. They did come to see me when I went to the gate, but quickly realised that I didn't have any treats for them and went back to the lush grass. Looking down the valley you can just see the sea in the distance.

I noticed that these Poppy seed heads seemed to be leading a secret life and are turning into cartoon characters. Grandad on the left is looking at the three youths. I do like their hats!

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