Tuesday, 24 July 2007

The Pines Pond

This evening I took a walk down to the Pond in the Pines Garden. The trees of different colours and form made a great background. The gardens are beautiful at this time of year.
By the pond, this Globe Artichoke looked a lot nicer than I think they taste. It must be one of the best thistles.

Reflections 1

Reflections 2

I was hoping for some dragonflies and Damselflies and this large Hawker type Dragonfly appeared after a few minutes. It is a female laying eggs. It wasn't until I look closely at the pictures that I realised how badly damaged its right wings were. It didn't seem to inhibit the way it flew.
From this angle you can see it laying eggs on the submerged vegetation, and how damaged it is.

Half hidden through the reeds it is easier to see that it is a female Emperor Dragonfly, Anax Imperator. Originally an African species it has expanded northwards through Europe over the last few decades. The male is bright blue with a central black line down the abdomen. They fly with a slight droop to their abdomen, other large dragonfly hold their bodies in a straight line.

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Steve said...

An attractive, entartaining and informative report Tony.

We've a long-standing intention to go to the Pines for a picnic - we must do so.