Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Crane in the Garden

I have long wanted to photograph a Crane at St Margaret's (this one was take by my son. Pete in Japan), and although I've seen one and one of the local birders, Gerald Segelbacher, got a good picture in May this year it's alluded me.

Today a crane arrived in the garden, but I can't "tick" it. It was a tight squeeze round into the Avenue, without demolishing Brian's House, and even tighter down our drive.

The driver demonstrates the full height of the crane, I wonder if I could borrow it to prune the trees?

The swim spar is in the air and now he has to get it over the garage and on it's base.

It looks like he going to put it through the garage roof, but in fact it landed perfectly.

Hopefully when installed Pam and I will have the incentive to get a lot fitter, once the cabin is complete it should be fun anyway.


Pat said...


Josy said...

I love your little pun.

What exactly is a "swim spar," though? It looks like a boat, which- I'd think- wouldn't belong in your back yard..

Tony Morris said...

Hi Josy,
nice to hear from you. It's not a boat, the water is on the inside, not the outside, I hope. It is a 14ft pool, with a continuous current of water so you can swim for ever with out going anywhere, rather like driving on the M25!