Monday, 9 July 2007

Ash Trees

“If the oak before the ash,
Then we’ll only have a splash.
If the ash before the oak,
Then we’ll surely have a soak!”

The Old English proverb above is probably redundant now as our warmer drier springs favour the Oak and almost inevitably it will be out first, but it's a pretty big splash were getting now!

This Ash tree in the back garden was "modified" this year, I won't go into details but it was a bit more drastic than I envisaged. I'm not a fan of the current look and can't wait for it to sprout a bit next year. Never-the-less one of our visitors on Sunday found it rather handsome and asked me to include its picture with a blue sky background. The picture above was the best I could do

today and half an hour later it looked rather different as the third monsoon of the day descended on my head. So for Keith Morris, (no relation), here are two pictures of THAT tree.

While I was sitting greeting our safari guests on Sunday I looked up at the old gnarled Ash above my head and started to see faces and animals in the pattern the wood made. I took a couple of pictures and I can still make out several things looking down at me. Can you see any or do you have to be old and gnarled like me to see them?

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Pat said...

There is definitely a great big teddy bear in your tree!!