Sunday, 8 July 2007

Phew, it's over for this year - well done St Margaret's

Another Garden Safari weekend is over. As usual it was fun. You don't think it will be until it's happening, and then meeting lots of people, some new, some who've been round in previous years is great, The atmosphere in the village was buzzing, I always think that this event really pulls the community together. I'm sure the whole village agrees that Linda Winter and her fund raising committee deserves everybody's thanks for the great job they do. It will be interesting to see what the total raised is this year, it is what its all about after all, but it's great to have fun doing it.

This year Pam put on a display of some of her sculptures and other art work, and once again I found out how difficult it is to photograph a lot of mixed exhibits together, a lesson I've previously failed to learn. In real life it looked good and showed what a talented artist she is, and she's a great cook too!!

After we closed up I went for a mooch around just outside the village and came across a little covey of Grey Partridges, they are subtly beautiful birds and it's always good to get good views.

Pheasants on the other hand don't normally hang around and even if they're too idle to take off they disappear quickly into the undergrowth. I guess this comes from being shot at so much.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to say thank you to you and all of the other people in the village who opened their gardens to make a wonderful day out. How about a picture on your blog of the pruned tree in your garden with a blue sky background? It looked excellent. Thanks again.

Tony Morris said...

Thanks "anonymous", I'm sure everyone who opened their garden enjoyed it as much as Pam and I did. I guess you're the chap who I talked to, about the pruned tree. If and when I get another blue sky I'll post a picture for you.
Thank you and all the other visitors for making it a succesful event.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tony. I am that guy, and I'm not really anonymous (I'm Keith Morris - funnily enough) but I don't know how to add a name to a posting!
We're hoping to move to the village quite soon, we've agreed a deal on Curfew Cottage on Sea Street, so I'm learning a lot about the locality from your blog. Keep up the good work!