Saturday, 7 July 2007

Seventh of the Seventh 0-seven, a lucky day

Today was 07/07/07 and on local TV various weddings scheduled for this "Lucky Date" were featured on news programmes. The Wedding of Richard and Sue was previewed on BBC South-east on Tuesday. I thought I'd pop across to St Margaret's Church and get a few pictures of this auspicious event. These are not formal pictures, that's up to the proper photographer, but just a few of my observations.

Stephanie has realised that the wind has got up and it might be a good idea to hold on to her "Wedding Hat".

Here it looks as if she's forgotten, as she is joined by John and the Piper, watching her hat sail through the air after a strong gust. I of course just missed it going, and to make it worse, it happened a second time and I missed it again.

This almost looks like a formal picture, the Bride and Groom with their Bridesmaids and Page Boy are arranged by the photographer, but wait a minute, someone is missing!

It's Chloe, she's decided she has not intention of having her picture taken and has gone on a sit down strike.

The Bride and Groom on the steps down to their awaiting vintage car. They both look really happy and I'm sure everyone wishes them good luck, not that they should need it starting on this celebrated date.

Into the car and off to the reception. Even the holiday traffic held up by the wedding cars was very patient, it just shows what effect a radiant bride has even on this normally impatient group!

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