Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Following the plough

It isn't actually ploughing, but this sight of gulls following a tractor after the harvest is very much a sign of Autumn. You can see that, despite the rain we had that ended a couple of weeks ago, the ground is very dry and the dust is flying.

Other Wildlife The last couple of days have been very windy and butterflies have virtually disappeared. Over near the radio masts I came across a small party of Yellowhammer, presumably post-breeding, along side two Corn Buntings. There were at least four Wheatears but everything was extremely jumpy in the windy conditions.
The sea was disappointing, while Cornwall has had six species of Shearwater today, I managed a few Gannets and Common/Arcctic Terns at a good distance and a steady steam of Kittiwakes which I noticed included quite a few young birds.

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deslilas said...

Very nice photos.
In our region herons begin to behave like seagulls they follow the tractors.