Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Which one is the Main Road?

These two pictures, above, show just over a mile of the A256 at 10a.m. this morning. I just rolled up and took the pciture and there were a total of SEVEN vehicles in view

These two, taken 10 minutes later on the A258 show just over one third of a mile and there are 18 vehicles. I wonder why buiding a white elephant, basically going from nowhere to nowhere, took precedence over improving a very busy road. Much of the traffic on the A258 is going to Deal, yet there is no access to the Deal area from the A256. I guess that It might benefit some traffic for Sandwich or Thanet, and an American Drugs Company, but most will come to those areas by alternative roads any way. Meanwhile the A258 remains busy, much busier than this an hour earlier, and unimproved. It seems our highways authorities must have had money to waste (our money).

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