Tuesday, 7 August 2007

For whom the Bell Tolls.

This is Curfew Cottage, the name plaque, above and left of the door, and shown here as an inset, has the name and a picture of the Curfew Bell. The story of the bell is in the parish records. There is an account, dated 1696, of a shepherd who, being lost one night, fell over the cliff and was mortally injured, but he lived long enough to bequeath to the parish five roods of land to pay for the tolling of a curfew bell at 8 p.m. from Michaelmas to Lady Day in order to warn travellers if they walked too near the edge of the cliff. The Cottage was once three farm labourers cottages and dates back 350 years. This probably makes it the oldest occupied dwelling in the village.

Best moth of the Day - Garden Tiger
Once a quite common moth in most of Britain, it seems to have declined in many places in the last few years.It flies in July and August, and will regularly visit the light-trap.The caterpillars are the 'woolly bears' of many people's childhood, and feed on a number of herbaceous plants.

Other Wildlife
The paddock was quite active today with several spotty young Green Woodpeckers feeding on the grass, using their long tongues to pick up ants. There were at least six young Willow Warblers, and about the same number of young Whitethroats feeding in the scrub and a small influx of Meadow Pipits in the grass area at the top end. There were several fresh Common Blues amoungst the Gate Keepers and Meadow Browns.


tut-tut said...

Nice mix of photos and information!

Anonymous said...

(I tried to leave a comment earlier but it must have failed.)

Thanks for the photo and brief history of my new house. I'll have to look at the parish records to see what I can find. Can you tell me how I can access them?

If it's easier my e-mail is keithmorris01@yahoo.co.uk

Another family of Morrises in the village, the place is going downhill.