Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Harvest Time

The week or so of good weather has allowed the farmer to start getting his wheat in. I think that this particular crop is for animal feed and I don't think that the yield will be as good as it would have been had we had more sunshine. Now I'm used to the round bales of straw I think that they can look quite evocative on the field, but not in the Van Gough league.

This is Bay Tree Cottage, it is on the Corner of Well Lane and High Street, opposite the Village Shop. While not as old as Curfew Cottage it does date back to 1734, according to the plaque on the gate. It was up for sale for some time, but the board has now changed to sold. It is an attractive looking house in a small walled garden.

Moth of the Day. I quite like the pattern on this moth, simple but interesting. It is a Rosy Rustic and it does however

fall into the category of an Autumn moth, and just when the summer has arrived.

Other Wildlife. After a report of an Aquatic Warbler, seen at Hope Point yesterday we had a good but fruitless search today. There was nothing much around, even yesterday's Willow Warblers seem to have moved on. At Bockhill farm we did see two or three Migrant Hawkers, Aeshna mixta, and one Southern Hawker, A. cyanea. When they were flying together the larger more robust size of the Southern Hawker was noticeable. A male and female Sparrowhawk gave good views and on the butterfly front I was pleased to see my first Small Heath of the second brood.

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