Thursday, 9 August 2007

Transport Connections

Although Station Road runs to the centre of the Village the station is at Martin Mills, 1.5 miles from the Red Lion.

The Station is neat and tidy but wouldn't win any awards for the architecture. It's a fair way from our house but we do hear the occasional "toot" from a passing train.

If you decide that the mile and a half walk to the Red Lion is too far for a refreshment break the Ugly Duckling is a free house with a decent collection of beers.

It isn't so far to go for a bus and there is a good service to the village, although the roads are a bit narrow in places and it can get a bit jammed up.

Spot the difference between the two buses, one coming and one going, answer tomorrow, no prize.
This is a more leisurely was of getting about and provides fertiliser for the roses at the same time.

I spent a rather pointless half an hour sea watching and apart from five Gannets and a trickle of Kittiwakes there was nothing of note. I had hoped that the northerly wind would bring some Skuas but it seems they stopped when they got to North Kent.

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