Friday, 10 August 2007

Two Months on

The last time I gave a progress report on Gloria and Tim's new house was two months ago. As we hope it won't be too long before the roof beams appear and get "craned" into position I though a quick view of the house, and the site meeting on the left would be appropriate.

Wildlife This is still one of the quietest years I've know for birdwatching and I was still feeling that way after a search around Hope Point yielded only a couple of juvenile Willow Warblers, two Lesser Whitethroats, "tacking" from the scrub and a few Common Whitethroats.
A look over the cliff, not too near the edge, I'm a bit of a coward with heights, gave this odd view of a Little Egret, examining the rock pools. As I moved away from the point, some excited gulls and the characteristic "pruuk pruuk" call alerted me to two Ravens over head. Unfortunately the moved off quickly, escorted by several Herring Gulls and I didn't manage to get a picture. These two have made a few guest appearances along the Kent coast since spring, but they don't seem to have settled down. There were several Painted Ladies but not many other butterflies along the cliff top.

This evening I took a look at the site of the proposed wind farm again. Certainly, even at this time of year quite a few Gulls move through the area on their way to roost, but a surprise was a Common Buzzard "digiscoped" from about half a mile.

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