Friday, 14 September 2007

Bucolic scene

Most butterflies have now disappeared from the field edges but Large Whites are still numerous. The scientific name of Pieris brassicae corresponds to the English common name of Cabbage White, and indicates why they are not popular with gardeners.
Another white host is provided by the hundreds, or even thousands of gulls that have accumulated to follow the plough as the earth is turned over. Amongst the mainly Herring Gulls and Black-headed Gulls are the occasional Mediterranean Gull, but so far I haven't found anything rarer, and if I keep looking I'll get the birders equivalent of snow blindness, gull blindness!

Although the landscape is flat along Reach Road the contrast between stubble, ploughed field and sky appealed to me. Watching the Gulls at the edge of the ploughed area picking up food items makes one realise what a huge bio-mass is in the ground.

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me and my camera said...

Great picture of gulls behind the plow; wonderful richness of colour.