Friday, 21 September 2007

Kingsdown Road

Kingsdown Road starts in the centre of the village at the Red Lion and runs past Hogsbush and then, as Old Stairs Road, past the Golf Course and down to Kingsdown. Where the house end in St Margaret's a walk just a few yards each way give a panoramic view down to the sea. Walk fifty yards to the east and you can see the Monument, Bockhill Farm and the "valley" down to Hope Point. It isn't a true valley but a gentle fold in the chalk downs.

Walk just a few yards to the west and there is a similar fold in the land that ends up at Kingsdown. Both of these imitation valleys, there are no streams or rivers, do appear to act as road ways for birds moving through to the coast and at various times I've seen several species of raptors moving along one or the other. As you can see, today was a very dull day, but although the months of June and July were very wet, the desert like look and dusty nature of the now cropped fields shows how little rain we have had for the last few weeks.

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Steve said...

Just to add a nugget of useless information, this was where the classic 1996 Tango ad was filmed. My wife and kids got paid £30 each as extras, running down the valley in take after take - the ad was included in a Top 10 Best Adverts poll recently.
The Harriers at the end were superimposed.