Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Lennox House

Situated on Granville Road Lennox House is one of the large Victorian Houses with a very colonial look. This house once belonged Sir John Guthhrie Ward, the British Ambassador to Italy from 1962-66. Sir John must have had connections in Argentina as the "Sir JOHN GUTHRIE WARD CUP" is awarded to the best Colt Cricketer of the Season in the Argentina Cricket Association. He also presented "Venice: The Doge's Palace and Grand Canal" by the Artist Salomon Corrodi, 1864, to the Government Art Collection, in 1982.

Lennox House has magnificent views across the English Channel and is set in a beautiful garden that was one of the gardens open during the village Garden Safari.

The current owner, well known local thespian, Sheena Isaacson, offers bed and breakfast in this unusual house, but doesn't normally greet the guests in Panto costume!


JorgePaolantonio said...

Sir John G. Ward DID have a close connection with Argentina: He was the British Ambassador here. I was about 12 then (so this must have been around the early 60s). I remember him and his wife , Daphne, quite vividly because they made a tour of North West Argentina and I was "assigned" to give them the welcome speech to our primary school. I was SO shocked by the event that I still remember the six or seven lines I had to "recite" by heart.

Tony Morris said...

Thank you for that recollection, its great how you found my blog and can fill in such fascinating details.
Best wishes,