Friday, 5 October 2007

Views from near Hog's Bush

Looking west from Hog's Bush the current view is typical of the modern English countryside. Man made but still charming in its own way. The addition of the tops of four or five wind generators to this view will not enhance it. Of course we are told we need renewable energy and as a conservationist I do agree, however small wind farms are a total fraud, do little held solve the problems we have, but making a lot of money for those investing in the industry.

Walking along the path from Hog's Bush towards Bockhill one enters a green tunnel for about 50 yards before emerging into the wide open spaces of the farm.

Today sowing a crop is a very mechanical and precise operation, not a bag hung round the neck and seeds scattered far and wide. This is a crop of winter wheat being planted, and if the winter is as mild as last years it will be growing pretty soon. From this high point I could see four separate tractors working the fields.

The field that runs behind Little Banks still has a reminder of the last world war popping out of the ground.
Looking south-east the Droveway and the Rise border the fields, looking like an advert for the "extension" industry.

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