Thursday, 13 December 2007

English Eccentrics

Down on the beach today I witnessed some true eccentricity. Three apparently normal young men went into the sea for a swim. In July or August, given the British climate, I would consider this just vaguely daft, but in December, after a frosty morning, it borders on the insane.

Another eccentric seasonal activity.

At Hawthorn Close, in the Crabble area of Dover (nearly) everybody has decorated their house with a wonderful proliferation of Christmas lights and sculptures.

But this is all for a good cause and these hardworking people are collecting for the Kent Air Ambulance
This has been going on for a few years and up to now, not including 2007, about £21,000 has been raised.
That's about enough fuel for 21 flights, which could be 21 lives saved.

Tonight Meridian TV were there and earlier this week the Beeb did a piece about Hawthorn Close. It's only a few minutes down the road from St Margaret's so if you've got kids who like lights, or if you just want to see them yourself, pop along and put the change in your pocket in the collecting box, you might need it one day!

Bird News. The Tawny Owl was again very noisy last night. The "big field" by the cliffs at Bockhill is now thick with "weeds" and is host to a large number of finches, mainly Linnets but with Greenfinches. Goldfinches and Chaffinches amongst them. There are at least 15 Yellowhammers in the area and there are good numbers of Meadow pipits and Skylarks.

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