Friday, 14 December 2007

Winter Birds

Mediterranean Gulls, above, were a rarity not that many years ago, now they are regular visitors to St Margaret's Bay. I still enjoy finding them, they're quite similar in size to Black-headed Gulls, below, but are a bit chunkier and adults have white wings. This somehow gives them a much striking appearance. In summer they have really black heads, whereas, despite its name Black-headed Gulls have brown heads. The Mediterranean Gull above has been ringed, to help study migration, but without catching it I can't read the number.
This Black-headed Gull is still showing the outline of the dark brown hood it will develop for the breeding season.
Unlike the small gulls above the Herring Gull has a clean white head in the summer, but develops streaks on its crown and face in the winter. Although it's not everyone's favourite, I think they are handsome birds.
The finches are still feeding in flocks in the weedy field, flying to the hedge when disturbed, I can only see Linnets and a Goldfinch in this group, but others were around.
A bird that has done particularly well over the last few years in the Wood Pigeon. They are far more numerous now than they were 20 years ago. Personally I don't think it a good swap for all those farmland birds that have reduced populations.

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tut-tut said...

Especially nice shot of the finches!