Saturday, 15 December 2007

Robin Trouble

We got Robin problems. He like cars, Pam's car in particular. He lands on the edge of the window to either look in or look at his reflection. The trouble is, while he does this he poops. So Pam's car has it all over the sides of the door, and from when he gets particularly vain, over the mirrors. Even worse, if she leaves the door open he goes inside. When she goes out he uses my car. I've also noticed that sometimes he spends a lot of time looking in the lounge window, and in the last few days he has popped (and pooped) inside the house when we've left the back door open. I like Robins but familiarity breeds contempt and I think we've got to that stage.

Living in St Margaret's you are surrounded by horses and this little chap, at Shirley's farm has always fascinated me. I'm sure his legs are to short fir his body, but I was envious of his fabulous coat today, he certainly was better insulated than I was.

These two guys in the paddock by the monument were having a mad moment. I don't think the one on the right really wanted his neck chewed, but although he kept moving away the other pony was persistent and kept up the nibbling. It was too cold to see what the outcome was, I hope it was non-violent.
Birds It was quiet today, isn't it always, but I did see at least eight Red-throated Diver heading UP the channel around lunch time.


Deslilas said...

It could be worse with a seagul friend. I remember what I have to do on my sailboat to try to get it cleaner in spring.

Pat said...

Well at least you have next years Christmas card!!! Great photo.

Tolerant Brit said...

On robins: two things.

1. He does not understand the nature of glass. He thinks it's another bird.

2. He does not poop to annoy; birds do that to lessen their mass before they take flight.

Tony Morris said...
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Tony Morris said...

i Tolerant Brit, I know you're right, I'm just a beginner, I've only been studying birds for 55 years are so.(:-