Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Round the Village

The threat of the wind farm at Langdon grows closer. It will do nothing to help with the global warming problem but will damage our environment. See the action group website to see what you can do to stop this folly.
On a lighter note (excuse the pun) I noticed these Christmas decorations outside a well known local Hotel and restaurant a couple of days ago. I thought that they had just started to put them up, but there has be no change, it seems that it will be an understated Christmas this year.

There seems to be a large increase in the number of sheep in the fields around the village, I wonder if the BBC has forecast a wet mild winter which will grow the grass well?

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Anonymous said...

Tony, I've just read the Action Group's website and their reference to 'nimby' reminded me of a new acronym about planning objectors I heard recently. It's 'banana' and stands for 'build absolutely nothing anywhere near anyone'! No comment on the turbines, just funny. On the subject of Christmas lights there is a wonderful display outside a house just opposite the bus stop outside the old church hall. Definitely worth a picture. Keith