Sunday, 13 January 2008

Another rough day

There were quite a lot of birds to be seen from the Bay today, although I didn't manage to see the Red-necked Grebe seen this morning by the Bockhill Birders. once again there were lots of Guillemots, but as far as I can see no other Auks. Gannets were well in evidence, presumably signalling a good number of fish in the channel.

Fulmars are back in good numbers, already claiming their nesting sites on the cliffs. Out at sea their complete mastery means that they look like small Albatrosses as they skim the tops of the waves.
We rarely get to see Gannets close up and this is one I photoed on Fair Isle, it had been driven onto to the cliff top there by a heavy storm. I did get a record, sent to me when I was in London, of one seen by local birder, Bob Watts, flying down Lee High Street after a storm so they do sometimes come ashore. They regularly dive into the sea from several metres up to catch fish. It has a shock absorber system built into its beak to protect itself. That beak is very intimidating, I didn't get very close to this bird, its carry a pretty offensive weapon.

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Mike Watson said...

Nice to see the ornithological content on the up again! Best regards, Mike