Monday, 14 January 2008

Fallen Arches

It's been windy this winter, its been very windy this winter! I've dug this arch in deeper, I've provided it with supports and I've added some stabilising struts, but all to no avail. The strength of the predominately westerly wind has defied my efforts and I'll need to get out there with my spade again or the arch will be right over again.

As I came down station road today I passed a Carrion Crow on the field and it was next to a few lumps on he ground.
A closer look in the gloom proved them to be a group of Grey Partridges. There must of been others squatting low on the ground because when a kestrel zoomed through at least 10 flew of fast and low into cover. I'm not sure why they flush for a Kestrel, I think it is extremely unlikely that it would attempt to catch one.

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