Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Digiscoping in the mist

I haven't done any digiscoping for ages (that's fixing a digital camera on a telescope and using it as a very long lens).
I'd seen Red-throated Divers, Great Crested Grebes and Guillemots fishing off-shore, too far away to use my normal camera. Unfortunately the light wasn't very good, so I started with something easy to find in the view finder. This Rock Pipit was a good few yards away, but it filled the frame.
The first year Herring Gull shows off the pattern on the coverts and scapulars well, but the contrast is difficult in the poor light.
Out at sea I could find the auks and diver in the scope but once the camera was on I couldn't find them in the lumpy sea. This fishing boat was at least a mile off shore probably two, but it was big enough to find in the camera.

They were obviously having some success and there were a lot of gulls and a few Cormorants around the boat. I also saw one adult Gannet go past and art least one Razorbill in the Auks flying by.

Just to see how much I could get I put the scope up to 60x and the camera on maximum zoom. I don't know what you'd be able to see with decent light but it gives a very eerie affect in the mist.


Deslilas said...

May be I should think about buying such a Leica device.

Mike Watson said...

Hi Tony, when are we going to see some photos of the Pas de Calais Wallcreeper on the blog? A short ferry journey, whack in the Wallcreeper, load up with lovely French wine and cheese and home for tea - job's a good'un as they say up here.

Tony Morris said...

Even Lees famous scope couldn't see it from here.