Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Captain's Wood.

I had intended to walk the cliff top at Bockhill today, but the fog rolled in and I decided on another visit to Captain's Wood near Whitfield.
Great Tit

I still feel that it has some secrets to yield and I did see a few more birds in there today, but nothing exceptional. A couple of Treecreepers went quietly about their business and there were the usual titmice including several Coal Tits. In much of the wood the dense canopy and coppice makes taking photos difficult.
Unfortunately the wood has quite a few grey squirrels in it. This introduced pest causes much damage to our woodlands, both to the trees, especially young saplings by stripping the bark and to our native birds, by taking eggs and nestlings. It is a shame that the drive to exterminate them in the fifties didn't succeed, as I believe that they are a major factor in the huge population decreases in our woodland birds.

n the way back I stopped to look at St Mary's Church, Lydden. I will have to find more about this interesting looking church, unusually there is little on the internet out it. The facinationg thing about the village churches is that they are one of the main indicators of the history of the county. A series of three books by James Anthony Syms is available, unfortunately the first one is now a rarity and goes for about £100, while theother two are £5.95 each.
As I went in the Church yard a Blackbird was feasting on the Ivy berries.

At the back of the Church I flushed a Little Owl which flew to the hedgerow, and stayed, half hidden for a few seconds before disappearing deep in the tree.


Vicki W said...

I haven't posted in a long time but I love seeing your photos every day. If only we could send the House Sparrows back to you and you could send all of the Grey Squirrels back to us. We would both be happy!

Warren Baker said...

Some nice pics there. Keep 'em coming.

Kingsdowner said...

Lydden church is beautifully situated, but even Arthur Mee's Kent has nothing to say about it.
Nice Treecreeper - I wasn't aware of their presence so near here.

Kingsdowner said...

I got pleasantly lost in Captain's Wood today (thanks for the tip) and was impressed, despite the unhelpful weather.
No creepers or peckers, but a few parties of tits, with goldcrests, and a good mix of trees, including what I assume is the closest stand of deciduous oaks to us.
Worth a trip on the next bright morning I think.
A couple of surprises - a fox with a pigeon in its mouth, and a close view of a Buzzard on the wood margin, so your comment about there being some secrets was right.