Tuesday, 19 February 2008

On the Rocks

I bumped into another birder yesterday who told me about the Purple Sandpipers along the coast at Hythe. The problem, he said was the light.
When I arrived for high tide the sun was almost exactly in the wrong direction. It was obvious that to get some decent photos I was going to go home with wet feet, socks, shoes and trousers.

At one breakwater there was a single bird on the rocks, but at the next groyne there were six birds in total.
They were very confiding, but on close approach they hopped up onto the rocks and I carefully manoeuvred into a good position for the light. I watched them for a while and thanks to the digital age took a total of about 250 pictures. It doesn't cost anything but it does take time to process them. They do make a nice set (click on set to see them) though.

While I was watching the Purple Sandpipers three Brent Geese flew up channel, perhaps some early movement as spring approaches.
This fishing boat must have been doing well judging by the number of Gulls around it, presumably the fish were being prepared as the boat continued on its way.

Mind you I didn't see this fisherman catch anything.

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Simon said...

Great Purple Sandpiper photo!