Saturday, 9 February 2008

Guston Church and Glaucous Gull

I have often passed the little church at Guston and today I decided to stop and take a closer look.

The Church is dedicated to St Martin of Tours, one of the Patron saints of France, preceding St Joan of Arc by many centuries. He was probably born in 316 AD, in what is now Hungary, then part of the Roman Empire.
The current church building is listed by English Heritage as Grade II*, one of only 6 per cent of the most architecturally significant buildings in the country. As we see it today, it has probably changed relatively little since Norman times, as the ‘crusader crosses’ incised on the door way indicate. To find out more of about the Church and St Martin click on here.

Back to Dover and a walk along the Prince of Wales pier to try and locate the Glaucous Gull. This proved successful in terms of finding the bird but it stayed as far away as possible on the Hovver Port apron, see here top left with its back to us, so only a rather poor record shot.
The Woodpecker was back this morning for two sessions of metal drumming, but stayed camera shy.

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