Sunday, 10 February 2008

Agricultural Weeds or wild flowers?

Clear blue sky from sunrise and the day started with a bit of Pigeon porn on the roof!

Walking round the "big field" by the cliff path at Bockhill I was struck by the number of flowers out. Nowadays it is quite usual to see garden flowers at all times of the year but it is nice to see some wild species as well. Phil Chantler tells me that plants, agricultural weeds, like the Common Field Speedwell above, are well adapted to make use of the opportunity for grow and flower while the land is left fallow.
Looking more like the general impression of a weed is the Sow-thistle above, but nevertheless they add a welcome touch of colour.
Wild Carrot also seems to be growing well, with large clumps all around.

There was still a good sized flock of Linnets around, at least 100 together at one point and probable in excess of 40 Skylarks in the field. When I returned to the Droveway there were half a dozen Meadow Pipits along the wires.

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