Monday, 11 February 2008

In bright sunshine a walk through the South Foreland Valley was disappointing in that there were comparatively few birds around. Even with many trees and bushes leafless the scrub looks attractive as the low sun streams through.

The usual suspects were evident with the mellow sound of Robins singing in keeping with the day. Occasionally one could be seen sitting high, enabling its song to reach a wide area.
A few Long-tailed Tits were busily feeding in the trees. these tiny birds are amongst the earliest nesters and it is worth keeping an eye out for birds carrying nesting material.

Magpies also have the habit of sitting on top of trees, normally spreading alarm amongst the smaller birds that see them as predators.

From high up the Valley the view to the monument was deceiving, it is easy to forget that to walk there you drop down almost to sea level before climbing back up again.

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