Saturday, 2 February 2008

The Language of Love, or Strickly Come Dancing, Duck Style

It starts with a rhythmic chase across the dance floor, and the male may even manage a complete circle round the female if he is really feeling amorous.

Then they turn and face each other, and a little beak waggling may follow.

The next move needs a bit of practice, both did their beaks in the water, briefly and then.....

quickly stretch their necks up and a little beak shaking will follow. The again a bit more practice,

dipping the beaks in a neatly synchronised fashion. This seems to go on for a good while. Subsequently, and later in the season, things seem to get a lot more rough, but at this time of the year all seems quite civilised.

Other birding info. Phil Chantler photographed a second year Iceland Gull in Dover harbour today.
p.s. weren't England appalling in the second half of the rugby!


Steve of Kingsdown said...

(or to put it another way, weren't Wales good!)

Tony Morris said...

No, I don't think they were. They were just competent, England on the other hand were abysmal. France will have a field day against both if they are in the mood.

Steve of Kingsdown said...

Sorry Tony, when you're in a family that's suffered Wales playing and losing badly over the years, any success is talked up to Grand Slam status :-}
Especially against England.
It was a very strange match!

Deslilas said...

A new translation of "L'art d'aimer" by Ovide.