Sunday, 3 February 2008

Winter Sea-birds

There are still quite a few birds feeding off shore at the Bay, mainly Guillemots but with a few Red-throated Divers (above) and Great Crested Grebes fishing not too far off shore. This morning I also saw a group of 20 and another of about 85 Brent Geese moving up channel as well as a pair of Eider Ducks.
I popped down to Dover Harbour, where Phil had photographed an Iceland Gull yesterday, but I had no success with finding it today. I did however get good views of a Glaucous Gull, first winter I think, but managed to completely mess up the pictures, and it didn't come back into range. I met another birder who told me he'd seen two Glaucous Gulls, so it is worth looking out for white winged gulls in Dover.
The winds had brought a lot of Kittiwakes into the harbour and this first year bird performed well. The pattern on the young birds makes them extremely attractive, with the large W shape on the wings, this is similar to the smaller Little Gull juveniles but the back collar is diagnostic.

There was a Great Crested Grebe near the pier as I returned to the car.

Just next to the car I watched this Jackdaw go into a bin, one with a covered top, and open a tied up plastic bag. It came out with the remains of someone's takeaway and proceeded to have a good lunch.

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babooshka said...

Loved your cheeky little jackdaw photo. Fom one bird photographer to another, great shot of which you have many.