Monday, 4 February 2008

A bit of a Lark

After a bit of physio in Deal I thought I go along and see if the Lapland Buntings would put in appearance. I was out of luck and the only two birds feeding on the track were these two Skylarks. Even the farmyard, that last week had quite a few Corn Buntings and Pied Wagtails feeding in the mud, was birdless.

A couple of weeks ago, I showed a picture of the "Cliffe Inn" and I said what a good job they'd made of the renovations, I omitted to say that the renovation of the adjacent buildings has also had a great affect on the look of the place, a really good job.

I mentioned that the village was about to go into chaos as a new gas main is put in. Well chaos arrived and today we have a one way system along Chapel Lane, which means the drive from the front of my house to my garage at the back is about four miles, if I follow the diversion signs and the no entry signs into Chapel Lane!


Anonymous said...

Tony, for the latest on skylark's habits you need to listen to The Archers where they're a big part of the current plotline. And that's on the land of the least aware farmer on the planet! Roll on 7pm. Keith

Tony Morris said...

I don't like to tell people but I'm a listener (:-