Sunday, 30 March 2008

Distant Views but Worth the visit.

Driving along the Ancient Highway between Deal and Sandwich the road crosses the grazing marsh of Worth. It is often worth scanning and today was no exception. Although I was some what disappointed not to find any waders there were compensations.

A scattering of Wheatears were obvious when they flew and showed their "White Arses", a name used for the bird in previous times in Cornwall. Not all were males, although, as is usual at this time of year, the majority were, the females arriving a little later.

A long way off in the field there was a loose flock of some 20 or so White Wagtails, none were close enough for a proper picture but this is a Photoshop picture, of part of the group, I've brought them closer together than they were, because they were so spread out. The area is large and I may well have underestimated the total number.

At the farm yard a couple of Stock Doves were getting quite friendly. It seemed to me that the above shows an invitation to start a family. Although I think of Stock Doves as nesters in tree holes they are quite prepared to use suitable nooks and crannies in buildings.

I did hear a couple of Corn Buntings singing but there was still a flock of about 20 birds feeding in the farmyard. I think that there are six above, but they easily disappear in the piles of hay. I don't know whether they carry on this community feeding once they started nesting, but I rather doubt it.

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