Saturday, 29 March 2008

Carpet of Flowers

A trip this afternoon to Captain's Wood was well worth the effort. The wood is now carpeted in flowers.
The ubiquitous Wood Anemone is the major contributor at the moment and it leaves form a continuous green background to the flowers.

Dotted amongst the Anemones are the early scouts of the Bluebell hordes that will later take over the wood. They seem quite early this year, and judging from the reports on KOSNet (The mailing list of the Kent Ornithological Society) flowers appeared in some Kent woods as Early as the 15th. None of the spikes I saw looked as if they'd been out for long.

Adding some alternative colour quite a few Lesser Celandine flower were mixed in with the more prolific Wood Anemones.

While I was up at the Monument I was surprised to see this ferry hove to off Kingsdown. Although it was quite windy I wouldn't have though that the port of Dover was affected. I presume that P&O haven't opened a new terminal at Deal!

At the Bay I did see a Brimstone Yellow, belatedly the first I've seen this year. I saw few birds although I was told there'd been a small influx of Coal tits and a couple of White Wagtails had passed through.

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