Friday, 28 March 2008

A day best forgotten.

Most days have some redeeming features, but it was difficult to find anything good to say about the weather today, but then again I suppose I could have been in terminal five!

The rain swept through the garden in wave after wave, while the wind reached gusts of 50 mph. By the early evening it had reduced to lighter rain so I had a look at the bay. Not really expecting to see much passage out to sea I wasn't disappointed when there was absolutely zero.

I took a wander along pond lane, where there is a good view over much of the area and scanned the sky for a late raptor moving now the weather had relented and of course found none. I'm not alone in having a poor day in Kent. There wasn't a single item on BirdGuides relating to Kent when I looked at 10pm. The weather is improving with a reasonable forecast tomorrow morning, a new day with high hopes!

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