Thursday, 27 March 2008

Variable genes?

As I was driving along Dover Road, past Wallet's Court, I was listening to a radio programme about the gene that causes fair skin and red hair. It appears it is the same gene that has cause a particularly pale population of Black Bears in one are of Canada and the same gene that causes some pale individuals in certain dog breeds.

At this moment I noticed a couple of Pheasants in the field. The road as usual was busy so I drove past, turned round at the junction and came back. I managed to get about 90 seconds between cars and took as couple of pictures. The nearest bird was quite dark at first sight, but did have some very pale edges to some coverts. It was very close so I've been a bit indulgent in an attempt to get an abstract picture.

This bird, much further back looked very pale at first, but it can be seen that from the front it would have looked almost normal, but the back view showed very pale wings and tail. It was a coincidence but I did wonder if the same gene was involved.

I took a quick look at the churchyard at Lydden, in the hope of finding the Little Owl that I'd seen on Feb 20th in a better position for a picture. Unfortunately it wasn't playing and I took a closer look at this interesting building. As with many of the country churches round here access to the churchyard is through a lytch gate.
The church is just outside the village on the north side of the valley that runs up to the A2. It dates back to the 11th century and the wall are said to be three feet thick.

Although the design is simple it is the epitome of a village church, and the churchyard an extension on the other side of the road seem to be another small wildlife haven, I watched a Green Woodpecker feeding and then flying over "yaffling" loudly as it passed. It holds the almost obligatory Yew Tree, another good specimen, but I have now idea how to age it.


Pat said...

I love your "indulgent" photograph, I thought for a moment that you'd taken up textiles because it would make a terrific quilt!!

Carrizo said...

Your churches differs very much from that we have in Finland. In my blog You'll find difference.