Friday, 7 March 2008

More 18+ views

Still in search of some early migrants I decided to pay one of my irregular visits to the Rest harrow Scrape Hide at Sandwich Bay. From mid morning to early afternoon the light is in a good direction for viewing and photographing.

The two Shelducks on the little island nearest the hide didn't seen too excited about the day and didn't even stir when a Grey Heron flew through.

The Heron did land for a while but it was continuously harassed by a bunch of Black-headed Gulls and it curtailed its stay, obviously wanting a quieter time.

One of the two Oystercatchers, that had been on the far bank, flew over to the nearest Island and demonstrated, very obviously, that it thought that this particular site would be ideal for a nest site. After a few shuffles it wandered off the the water and was joined by the second bird.

They fed quietly together for a while and then the spring air got to them and they did what Oystercatchers with a nest site do at this time of year.

It looks as it he having a tough time staying in position here, but in fact he did OK but I decided to censor the rest of the deed. Overall I was a worthwhile trip, a few Curlews were out on the fields and looking very smart, the Mute Swans, Canada and Greylags all seem paired up, but no migrants, no early Wheatear or Little Ringed Plover, but if the conditions stay good it must be just a matter of time.

My MV moth trap was slightly more productive last night, four moths, a Hebrew Character, two Common Quakers and, below a Small Quaker. Noting too exciting, but a least I had to come in and put some records into Mapmate.

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