Thursday, 6 March 2008

Still waiting

Birding has been quiet this month.
Now that the weeds have gone the big field has the look of a stony desert and like a desert it holds few birds, this lonely Crow did call loudly when another flew over.
I was disappointed when the large black bird flying towards turned out to be what I thought it would be another Carrion Crow. With a couple of Ravens putting in occasional visits along the coast one always has to be hopeful.

The sea and shore made up for the lack of birds providing some interesting textures, this view is from near Hope Point.
The breakwater at the end of the bay would make a nice roost for a Purple Sandpiper, but they don't seem to want to visit here, prefering the piles of rocks at Hythe.

Once again nothing to report form the moth traps, except for a Buff-tailed Bumblebee that paid a surprise visit.

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