Wednesday, 2 April 2008

ID Help required

The Lees looked inviting today, a bit of su, nice and warm, but I couldn't find any migrants.
When you spend most of your time birding you don't see as much at foot level as you should. When you get wobbly and worry more about tripping over you discover a whole new world a few inches above ground. I think I know that the plant above and below is White Dead-Nettle.
But I'm not quite so sure about the Bumble Bee, my choice is Bombus Pratorum because of the yellow stripes on the thorax and abdomen and the orangish tail, but I do find them difficult

Here's another view, they are fabulous animals when viewed close up.
There were quite a lot of flowers out, albeit mainly of the smaller varieties. I think that this is Ground Ivy.
When I saw this I thought that it would be easy to identify but now I'm not so sure. It may be an escape from one of the gardens near the Lees. Update - this is Hairy Bittercress (thanks Steve).

In the garden the Siskin numbers remained high, with 25-30 birds around and I managed to catch 10 moths, the first time in double figures this year, but no new species for the year.


Dean ( mostlymacro ) said...

Correct id on the Bumble, Tony. Great pics as well.

The unknown flower could well be Tall Rockcress.

Tony Morris said...

Thanks Dean, one of the Rockcress's was on my short list.