Monday, 28 April 2008

St Nicholas' Church Ringwould.

St Nicholas' Church Ringwould has had a mention before because of the turret and its association with the sea.
Much of the church dates back to the 12 century and there may have been a church here before that. The original church consisted of the present nave and part of the chancel. The chancel was enlarged in the 13th century and the North Aisle in the 14th.

This view of the church from just beyond the Lytch Gate struck me as particularly attractive. The Lytch Gate is relatively recent being about 70 years old. From here you can see the tower. Originally the church had a wooden spire but by the early 17th century this had become dangerous and was replaced by a brick tower in 1628. The Clock was inserted into the tower in 1920 as a War Memorial to WW1.

One of only two original Norman windows remaining is in the west wall of the tower. The others were replaced by the Victorians, mainly for the sake of uniformity and to let in more light.

In the Church yard are two Yew trees that pre-date the Church. This one is around 1000 years old and the one to the east of the church is estimated at 1300 years old.

Only a few remain of the original church brasses, most seem to have been lost to souvenir hunters in the 18th century. Above is a wall display of the remaining brasses that have recently been restored. On the right is one of John Upton dated 1530. Other show the children of William Abere and a Lady possibly Elizabeth Gaunt 1580.

The interior of the church is full of interest, and today was also full of flowers as last weekend there was a flower festival. I took a loot more pictures, click here to see them.

Birds I was a quiet day for me today. I did do a bit of sea watching in the hope that some Skuas might pass, they didn't. There were a good number of Gannets off shore and three smallish flocks of Scoter, totalling about 38. When I was scoping through the Gulls on the rocks They were all quite calm, so I was some what surprised to find a pair of Peregrines sitting there with them!

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