Sunday, 27 April 2008

Blues and views

A visit to Captains Wood at lunch time was a pleasure in the calm weather and with the sun appearing between the clouds.
The wood is looking different now that the Bluebells are the predominant species . It wasn't a good time to here bird song, but both Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps were in full voice. I also heard the call of a Buzzard overhead but didn't see the bird.

From the back of the wood, looking a few degrees south of direct east the Monument can be seen on the horizon. It is 5.08 miles (8.17 km) away, but it does show that a large bird would be easily visible through good binoculars from this distance.

On the way back though Guston I saw this Stock Dove in the farm yard, I normally have difficulty seeing the glossy neck patch but (with a bit of imagination ) it is clear on this bird.

When it took off I almost managed to get a decent flight shot, but I just managed to cut off one wing tip. I does show the tail pattern rather well.

Mothing was again disappointing with only eight moths, but a Swallow Prominent was the first for the year.
Birding Birds were fewer than yesterday, with a few hirnundines and a Swift passing along the cliff tops early in the day. Some of the group had the first Turtle Dove of the year and a Serin passed over their heads while they were on the Leas, where unfortunately I wasn't.

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