Tuesday, 27 May 2008

A Gloomy Bay.

I normally think that the Bay is one of the most photogenic of local spots, but in the drizzly damp of this evening it didn't look all that inspiring. The couple approaching the gate had popped out of the pub to take a look at the sea, but didn't stay out long.

After a nice pint we went to look at the beach. I wish I taken some pictures from this exact spot last summer. Both Pam and I think that the contours of the beach have changed a lot, with the shingle bank much higher up the wall, exposing what almost looks like sand at the bottom. The sea was calm, but the mist made visibility very poor. Yesterday the Bockhill birders recorded 16 Manx Shearwaters, and an number of other sea birds, in the afternoon, during a period when the rain had eased.

Looking along the promenade the whole place looked a bit sad in the gloom. On a hot, sunny evening at the end of May the car parks can be quite crowded with quite a few people enjoying a pint watching the see and the boats go by. Even the ferry's were barely visible as they made their way into Dover. I noticed that the price on the parking ticket machine had gone up from 40p to 50p, I wonder if they are already collecting to have the car park re-done, if the council paid the contractors for the job they did, they were robbed.

Over the holiday weekend I noted how much rain had fallen, according to the little gauge I've got in the garden. It was 42mm.

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