Wednesday, 14 May 2008

It's not just Butterflies that are beautiful

Although Mothing hasn't been spectacular so far this year many of them are worth a closer look. Here are just a few from those that I've photographed in the last few days. One of the advantages that cold mornings have is that the moths in the trap are very quiet and cooperate while having their pictures taken. Later in the year, when the mornings are warmer, everything is very lively and difficult to photo.

Above, is a Waved Umber, it has a forewing (FW) length of about 18mm.

The Shoulder Stripe is a little smaller, it has a FW of about 15-16 mm. Like the Waved Umber it is in the family Geometridae, and both of these have beautiful subtly marked patterns.

The Herald is in the family Noctuidae and is a bigger moth, it has a FW of about 22mm and is more robust looking than the Geometers. The pattern is bold and the hooked wing shape distinctive.

Another Noctuid, this Broad-barred white is small and stocky with a FW of about 14mm. The book says that is flies from Late May, so this one on Monday was a bit premature.

The diminutive moth above is a Least Black Arches, it is a member of the Nolidae and has a FW of just 10mm.

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