Thursday, 15 May 2008

Pampered Sparrows

Today was not the day for sitting in the garden, but fortunately my study has a decent view. I noticed a group of three cock Sparrows just below the window (all photos through the glass so not too sharp). I thought the one above was particularly dapper, people just don't give the common House Sparrow the credit it deserves for its handsome looks.
This one wasn't quite so pristine but I was interested at how vigorously it was attacking a bit of pampas grass the had broke off in the winds the other week and was lying there.

It managed to collect a pretty good beakful before flying off. I've got about seven suitable boxes about, it will be interesting at the end of the season to see if this ended up in one of them. Each year most have remained empty while the eaves on our house and next door remain full!

While I was watching these sprogs I was surprised to see a male Siskin on the nearest feeder, wouldn't it bee good if a family party turned up in a few weeks? With a female here the other day you never know.

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