Saturday, 28 June 2008

The conkers are coming.

After most of the fields turning yellow it looks as if we are going to get fields of blue flax and fields of white something. It looks similar to the flax, but I didn't know you could get a white variety, so I may be something different, I ready for enlightenment.

A bit further out, towards Waldershare, I notice this field of Broad Beans. This Is a vegetable that I quite like, but when Pam and I grew more vegetables I always found that you needed too much room to get a decent crop. They really seem to do best in large fields.

The reason I wandered out here was because there's been a lot of talk about Spotted Flycatchers and their numbers of lack of them and several times churchyards, where there were pairs were mentioned. I decided to check on a couple of likely, or so I thought, sites. Of course I had no success. I have passed this avenues of horse chestnut trees lots of times, but today I decided to take a walk through the trees.

There were lots of open areas with nettles, but the only butterflies I saw were Meadow Browns, I suppose it was just about open enough for then, but I was disappointed not to find other species.

The only birds I saw or heard were Blackbird, Wren and Wood Pigeon, a pretty poor list, although afternoon is not a good time. The trees seemed to have a lot of young horse chestnuts on the way. This should lead to a bumper crop of conkers, but remember all the safety equipment that will be needed, under today's Health and Safety regime. Goggles are essential and I guess thick leather gloves would be advisable, how did we survive?


Birdingben said...

Don't forget the hard hat when you collect the conkers in case any fall off the trees at the same time & hit you,Tony!

Steve said...

Just catching up on your recent posts Tony - some great pictures! Wish I had Badgers visiting my garden!