Friday, 27 June 2008

Who's an Ugly Duckling?

This years ducklings at the pond, are so large that I'm not sure if this is the adult or one of the young. The ducklings all moult into a plumage resembling the female. It isn't until the spring that the Drakes get their smart feathers, soon the adult males will join them in their dull "eclipse" plumage, while they grow their new fight feathers.

We must have offended the village ducks. Most years they have brought their young to see us, while they are very small. It is always a worry, some times she has left one behind, and I've caught it and re-united it with the family at the pond. Last years brood were featured here and the 2006 group are below.

Above are the 2006 family.

She seems to have brought five to almost full size, which isn't too bad given the hazards that are around. Perhaps not bringing the all the way to our garden for several visits was a goo idea.

One duckling that seems to have gone off the scene is the Ugly Duckling at Martin Mill. It's all boarded up at the moment, but whether this is for refurbishment or of a more permanent nature, I don't know.

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Deslilas said...

How to be the ugly little duck ?
Comment être le vilain petit canard ?