Thursday, 26 June 2008

Brush up and Blown away

Once again today was deceptive, it looked nice but the wind was really difficult.

The centre of the Village is much improved by the paint job on the old Post office building, the air of decay has been lifted.
This is the view down Knotts Lane, looking down towards the Village Pond, I walk it so often I thought that I aught to picture it for posterity.

This Badger paid us a visit last night, and we both though that it was a different one for the two we watched last week. I know that people get to recognise all of the animals in a set, but we find that they look different from day to day. I depends if it's wet, it they've been digging in the ground and got dirty snouts and even how relaxed they are. This one seem more jumpy than the others have been, but the windy conditions may have had some affect.

There were a few butterflies about and I saw my first Marbled White of the year, I'm sure they've been out for some time, but I've not been to the right habitat for a while. When the wind stops it might be possible to find a few more species.

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Keith said...


I agree that the Old Post Office's paint job has made a world of difference to the 'gateway' to the village. It's a good job you didn't bring your camera around too far to the right though!