Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Eye Eye

After a day away, staying with Rocio, Simon and of course Sam, after Simon and I had been to the Shepherds Bush Empire to see the amazing Buddy Guy, I returned to have a look at the moth traps I'd left on timers overnight.

There were more moths than I expected and because I was late getting to the traps there were already a bit frisky. When I first say this Hawk-moth I wasn't immediately sure what it was but when the wings were spread it is quite obvious.

You can imagine a potential predator suddenly coming face to face with this impressive pair of eyes. I think that they have a double purpose. first, such a large "face" might be enough to scare off a potential enemy, and secondly most birds would probably peck at the eyes, where the least damage would be done.
Overall it was a better night for moths with several Elephant, one Poplar and one Privet Hawk-moths, as well as about 100 other moths.

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