Monday, 9 June 2008

Flowers behind bars.

Four or five years ago a single Lizard Orchid appeared near the monument.

Sandwich Bay is well known for these beauties, but whether this came from wind blown seeds or by some other method I know not. To protect plant from nibbling rabbits and size 11 boots, a wire cage has been erected round it. Last year the leaves appeared but no spike. This year the spike is doing well and is above the top of the cage.

It is only when you get close and examine the individual flowers that the Lizard name can be appreciated. Each one has a head and a long twirly tail, all you need is a little imagination.

It's not the only orchid I saw behind a wire fence today. This Common Spotted Orchid grows under my next door neighbours hedge, behind a chain link fence. It's been there each year we've lived here but I think it's the first time its had two flowers. This one didn't arrive under its own steam, but was rescued from destruction and contrary to popular belief, grew in its new position.

While Pam was gardening she came across this magnificent Toad. He was very lively and refused to pose for a picture. Normally they are pretty placid and stay still for a while, but this guy was hyper active. Judging by the size of him he's not having too much trouble finding slugs, and there seem to be plenty around to keep him going.

I noticed that there were some damselflies just hatched in the bottom pond in the garden, I think they were Azure Damselflies, the one above was in the grass at the top of the valley, near the Lighthouse, and this is, I think, a Common Blue Damselfly. As far as I know there's not pond or water very near to where I took this, I guess they wander quite a way. It was good to go for a short walk in the valley, although the bumpy nature of the paths and the steep slopes are still a bit beyond me, but I'm fine on the flat bits without any sticks now.

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